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Bavaria, Germany



I'm Alex, and years old.

I am currently in an apprenticeship as an IT specialist at an international consumer electronics retailer in Germany.

In my spare time I write code.


My first app build completely with React. A Trello style, web based, open-source, drag'n'drop organization app build with react and firebase.

A page to generate a random temporary identity (username, password, first and last name) along with a "10 minute email" that you can use to receive login codes for websites, for example.

The newer version of my URL-Shortener. This app is fully build on the MERN-Stack and consists of an NodeJS+ExpressJS Backend hosted on Google Cloud Run, a MongoDB Cluster and a React Frontend as well as a CI/CD Pipeline.

A simple link shortener service build with MySQL and PHP.

A browser startpage with some simple PHP to grab a new background image every day via the NASA APOD API. It can also display the local live weather

A simple analyzer for personal TikTok usage data, written in js. It simply counts stats like viewed videos or written comments.

A grade overview app with automatic calculation of grade averages for individual subjects and overall average.

Feel free to contact me :)

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